About ALS

About us

All Logistics Services (ALS) is a transport and delivery company. We’re a company which works for other companies. We organise “management pools” and oversee your logistics by providing solutions, always aiming for customer satisfaction at competitive prices.

Our teams our focused on you, ready to jointly assist you in all your projects.

Eric tordeur


General Manager

Valerie Vanderstukken


Associate – HR & Administration Manager

All Logistics Services

You can count on our reliability

(+) Service commitment and proactiveness
You have a stable, experienced and regularly-trained team using tried and true methods. We are very involved in our client service certification initiatives and make our quality a strategic lever.

chauffeur fiable
Our job, your satisfaction

There is always a solution

(+) Transparency and pragmatism

ALS is a human-scale, independent company which seeks to foster close-ties with its clients, regardless their size. Your questions are promptly answered, decisions are swiftly taken, a solid and flexible organization … all significant advantages to help you adapt.

All Logistics Services

Your distinctiveness doesn’t frighten us

(+) Multi-skills and experience feedback

Unusual products, variable rotation cycles, complicated processes: we’ll know how to address your challenges. Our teams have the ability to adapt the actions and processes according to your flows and use any kind of information system.

Our job, your satisfaction

We are right by your side

(+) Project management, recommendations, experts

From the general management to operational teams, we make your challenges, constraints and uncertainties our own, looking for areas where improvements can be made. We care about your company image and products so our teams work closely alongside your employees.

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