All Logistics is a Transport & Services company dedicated to both Businesses and Private individuals, but also a lot more!


We developed specific services to provide our support to companies making regular deliveries and their e-commerce development.


All Logistics notably developed a tailored service for major food retailers. By working with the latter, we were consequently able to increase their delivery volume as well as propose more flexible time slots, allowing them to offer the best service to their clients.


On that account, we are registered with the AFSCA in Belgium, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, and have all the transport licenses which are necessary and legal as well as all insurances required.

Our services

livraison permisB

Deliveries made by category B vehicles

Up to 20m3 with or without a tailgate

livraison camion

Transport and deliveries with category C vehicles

livraison frigo

Deliveries with temperature-controlled vehicles

tournée logistique

Round logistics organization


Hiring of bilingual drivers depending on your needs

déménagement Belgique


With or without Lift up to the 7th floor



Court ou long terme


Drivers for hire – how does this work?

Drivers for hire is a service which we specially created for businesses already having their own vehicle park and their own team of drivers.


This service aims to reinforce your teams or help-out during peak delivery times which doesn’t require a long-term commitment and where we propose very fair prices especially if your request is merely for drivers and not vehicles.

Most often, these companies have integrated us into their structure on a daily basis to help resolve various issues.


Furthermore, this kind of partnership allows our clients to better and more suitably manage their employee holiday requests.


It’s important to stipulate that this is not “temping” work governed by very precise regulation. When you call upon one of our employees, you are guaranteed that they know your company and how you work. When one of our employees uses your vehicle, you obviously have certain insurance coverage in the event of an accident where our driver would be liable.

How do we proceed in practice ?

When you call us for our services, and after having established a specifications book, one of our Logistic managers will accompany one of your employees during their delivery runs to analyse how you work, and this, for as many times as we feel necessary. You are, of course, not billed for these “trainings”.


As soon as our manager has grasped your working method, they are responsible for passing on what they’ve learned to our employees.

We can even help out if one of your employees is unable to be operational and warns you at the last minute (depending on our capacities and certain conditions).


Working together will give you the following advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Bilingual drivers familiar with your company
  • Monitoring your transport costs
  • Possibility of dealing with your employee absences
  • Simplified paperwork (detailed monthly invoice)
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